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USC Credit Union has now partnered with EverFi, a leader in financial education, to bring you Financial Focu$, a set of courses to set you on the right track. Whether you are a freshman just starting to get your feet wet in a new ocean of responsibility, or a college graduate already in the workforce, Financial Focu$ will help you take control of your financial future.


Financial Education Boring? Never!

Financial Focu$ utilizes interactive modules, videos, and colorful graphics to help you stay engaged throughout the modules. The courses are concise meaning it doesn’t take much time to complete! From savings, to taxes, to auto loans, you can find almost any topic that you might be interested in.


Learning How to Build a Better Future

We hope that you use this free resource to better yourself or perhaps help someone sort through their finances. Here at USC Credit Union we understand that finances can be tricky to navigate, but learning how to manage your finances is important! These short modules are a good foundation for your long-term financial success. Get ready to unlock your banking potential!

Looking to expand your financial education? Start here!

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