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Steps to Becoming a Home-Owner


Buying a home for the first time is an exciting milestone. It's easy to get caught up in the house-hunting aspect, especially after all those years of watching HGTV. There is a whole lot more to home-buying, however, than just looking for the right home. 

How much home can you afford?

There are many costs that come along with buying a home that first-time buyers often overlook. Costs outside the sticker price include insurance and closing costs (often up to 3% of their home’s purchase price)! A smaller mortgage can allow you to invest into your family, retirement, or simply just treating yourself. To help figure out your home budget, check out our calculator.


Happy Hunting!

Now for the fun part!  It is time to find the perfect place of you owngo online and browse through those listings. Just remember, this is an investment. Follow your instincts not your emotions.  During house inspections, be prepared to ask questions about the house, take notes, and inspect the house yourself. If you see any problems, you may be able to ask the seller for credit for repairs. If you feel as if you may be looking at the house through rose-colored glasses, bring a relative or friend to be your voice of reason.


Scope the Neighborhood

Buyers beware! The house you visited might seem nice and cozy on a quiet Monday morning, but this might not give you the full picture. Test as much of your daily routine as possible. Try going to and from work to see if the traffic is unbearable, visit during a Friday night to check noise levels, and if you’re located near a school, come when school gets out to ensure you have a completely safe environment.


Choose a Lender you Trust

Confused about the more technical aspects of buying a home? Don’t worry! We are here to help. We walk you step by step from learning about which home loans to apply for to making closing costs. Home is closer than you think. If you have any questions contact our Real Estate department directly.


Check out our First Time Home Buyer Program for more information!

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