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Everything You Need to Know About Share Certificates


Share Certificates: You might have seen this term before but didn’t know what it meant. Share Certificates are a secure, long term investment that give you the returns you deserve, while giving you the flexibility to choose how much you invest and the length of term.

Guaranteed Rate of Return

With a fixed rate and the ability to choose your deposit amount and the length of the term, you’ll know exactly what your earnings will be from the beginning of your investment.


Low Initial Deposit

Most Share Certificates require a low initial deposit, making them accessible to anyone. Here at USCCU, we require an initial deposit of at least $1000.


Flexible Terms

Looking for a great return but don’t want a long term investment? Looking to put your cash away for a long time for a bigger return? With Share Certificates you can choose the length of your term, based on what’s convenient for you. Terms range anywhere from 3 months to 60 months.


Looking for a secure investment with competitive returns? Consider a Share Certificate Account from USCCU and start growing your financial future today. 

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