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5 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score


Trying to improve your credit score? Those three little numbers can be crucial if you want to rent an apartment, buy a car, or open low rate, high benefit credit cards. Here are five ways you can boost your credit score and own your future!

1. Leave accounts open

Before you make the decision to close an account, make sure you check if closing the account will negatively affect your credit score. One of the biggest factors in calculating your credit score is the length of time your account has been established, so keeping cards, even when you don’t use them, can help your score.


2. Pay off debt

Did you know that the amount of debt you have makes up 30% of your credit score? It’s recommended that the amount you owe doesn’t exceed 30% of your total credit limit. Paying off debt to reduce credit utilization can improve your credit score dramatically.


3. Pay off any past dues you may have

A very important tip is to never be late on a payment in the first place, but everyone makes mistakes. Your payment history makes up a large percent of your credit score, so it is very important for you to pay off anything that may be overdue. Once you do this, your credit score may improve. In the future, if you know you might miss a payment, call your financial institution and see if you can negotiate your payment date for that month.


4. Review your credit report thoroughly

It is pretty common for banks and credit card companies to make mistakes. This is why you should review and read over your entire credit report, to catch anything that may not be accurate.


5. Set a goal for yourself

It’s important to set actionable goals for yourself. If you set a goal for yourself to have a credit score of 670 or higher for example, then you are more likely to reach your goal and can continue to set your goal higher and higher. It’s hard to judge the success of a non-specific goal.


Want to put these new skills to the test? Apply for a USC Credit Union Credit Card and start building a strong credit history today! With flexible options designed for your life, building your credit and enjoying the perks of a credit card has never been easier.

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