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5 Ways to Avoid Tax Fraud As a Student

blog_taxfraud_blog-01Students! Make sure you use these tips to keep your financial information safe so you can avoid scammers and frauds!


1. Don’t Give Information Over the Phone

A scammers could easily call you claiming to be someone they are not. Don’t give information over the phone unless you are the person who initiated the contact and that you are 100% sure you know who you are talking to.


2. Leave Your Social Security Card at Home

It is best to leave your Social Security card in a safe place in your home to prevent the card getting stolen. Your card could just get lost or be stolen if it’s in your wallet or bag.


3. Shred Financial Documents

Make sure to shred receipts, tax documents, and bank statements so they cannot get into the wrong hands. Don’t have a shredder? Places like the UPS Store can help you shred your sensitive documents.


4. Monitor Your Accounts Frequently

Make sure to check your financial accounts often, so you can catch any suspicious or weird activity that could be happening, and report it to your financial institution as soon as possible!


5. Have Strong Passwords

Password protection is super important in order to keep your money safe. Make sure to make your passwords unique for every website and to include a variety of numbers and symbols! Use an app or excel sheet to help you manage your more difficult passwords.


Want to learn more about how you can protect yourself? Get all the info you need with Financial Focu$, a free tool from USC Credit Union!

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