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5 Life Tips for College Graduates


Grads, congrats! You did it! You are about to enter the adult world and let's face it, that's a little scary. But don't fear!  Here are some skills and suggestions to help this transition into your professional life be as smooth as possible!


Continue to expand your social skills

Being able to network and carry a good conversation with people will help land you that job. Don’t rely on online recruitment to get you in, continue to socialize with everyone around you and reach out to people you normally wouldn’t reach out to. You never know what kind of connection it may lead to!


Don’t stop learning

Even though you’re out of college, that doesn’t mean you have to stop learning. Read the news, pick up a book, the opportunities are endless and will contribute to your growth as a person.


Know that mistakes are learning experiences

At the beginning of your career, there is a high chance that you will make some kind of mistake. Just know that this is normal and it is important to make these mistakes in the beginning, just so you can learn from them.


Make a healthy routine

Working a real job is definitely not as flexible as a school schedule, meaning it is so important that you develop some kind of exercise routine and healthy eating schedule to keep your health in check.


Don’t be a perfectionist

There are going to be many work tasks or projects that you will want to be perfect, however, time will not allow for that. You have to realize that it is okay if the final project is not exactly how you would like it. Just let it go and move on to the next.


You did it! Now treat yourself with all the tools you need to tackle this new life journey, from a Rewards Credit Card that puts Tommy in your pocket to a new set of wheels! 

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