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Writing a Good Offer

writing a good offer

I like to have the best shot possible of getting my offers accepted when I am presenting them and in most cases it is a multiple offer situation so there is no room for mistakes. I always think of the presentation as a job interview and so other than possibly the price I can always be best. Here are some simple things I like to do to increase my odds.

1.  Always present a pre-approval letter from a local brick and mortar financial institution. Financial pre-approval from out of area or Internet lenders are frowned upon as they have no local face to save if they can not fund the loan. Experienced agents always look at this first.

2.  Always provide evidence of the buyers source of funds such as a Internet screen shot. It is not official but it looks good to have as much evidence of funds as possible.

3.  A bio letter about you the buyers in a concise format. At the top is a picture of you, the buyer(s). First paragraph is what you do for a living, how long you have been in the area etc... short and to the point.

The second paragraph is is about why you like the home and be certain to point out 2-3 items the seller has done to improve the property and how much you appreciate what they have done. So, two paragraphs max or they will not read it.

4.  The offer must always be clean, most current revision date, no hand writing or alterations/mistakes scratched out and initialed.

If I can have all this during a presentation I know my buyers have a good shot. In fact, we quite often are given the opportunity in the form of a counter offer even when are price was not the highest because the agent representing the seller would like to work with an organized buying agent.

Good Luck!

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