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The Not-So-Sweet Truth about Debt and Processed Foods


Yesterday at work, I was really drowsy and desperately craving an afternoon pick-me-up, so I devoured a bag of these Trolli Eggs (the most addicting and delicious candy in the whole wide world). I don’t even consider myself to be someone who really enjoys candy, but I LOVE these things. If you like gummy worms, this candy is similar…except much, much, much better. Trolli Eggs are a combination of crunchy, chewy, sweet, sour and fruity all in the shape and size of one, bite-sized, scrumptious, candy egg. I love this candy so much that one time, I biked to a 7-11 three miles away just to buy them. I will even be dramatic and say that this candy has changed my life. But did they change my life for the better?

Well, the process of eating them makes me quite happy. However, the not-so-sweet truth is that these processed gummies actually make me feel pretty cruddy inside.  Should I be surprised that Trolli eggs made me feel this way? Not really, because consuming Trolli eggs equals consuming several unknown ingredients such as maltodextrin and gum arabic which don’t do anything good for your body. But it’s not just Trolli eggs that have these deceptively tasty, yet harmful ingredients. The not-so-sweet truth is that so many of the processed foods/candies that we consume have numerous unnatural ingredients that make make our bodies hate us. So if you’re like me, and are craving a midday snack, stick to the 5-ingredient rule to avoid feeling like crud:


Fitness Tip #4: Eat Foods with Less Than 5 Ingredients

Eat this rule with a grain of don’t have to stop eating trail mix just because there are technically more than 5 ingredients, but this is generally a good rule to follow, especially when consuming packaged foods. The fact of the matter is, the more ingredients in a packaged food, the more likely this food is processed. Processed foods = bad for body. I may not be a health-conscious hippy like my friends at UC Berkeley, taking classes like “the science of food”, but it does make logical sense to me that our bodies our not made to process copious amounts of chemicals and preservatives that are commonly found in packaged foods. So next time you're about to eat a snack, be kind to your body and check the ingredients label first. You know what else you should check from time to time, your debt. I know, "debt" is a scary word but here are some tips to help you get your debt under control.


Financial Fitness Tip #4: Take Baby Steps Towards Eliminating Debt

As a soon-to-be graduate, I know I want to develop good financial habits now that will continue on into post-grad life. I found this article really helpful: 5 Financial Mistakes New Graduates Must Avoid . One of the tips I took away from this article was about debt: control debt before it controls you. Like processed foods, debt is pretty cruddy. For my Senior year,  I decided that I want to be proactive about eliminating the debt in my life--especially the student loans with high interest rates. Even if it means using a small portion of my paycheck to pay off my loans, if I take baby steps to eliminating my student debt now, I know my future post-grad self will thank me. 

Are you also going to be graduating with student loans? A smart financial move is to check the interest rates on the various loans you owe, and consider refinancing them with USC Credit Union. (Find out information about refinance here.) USC Credit Union has competitive rates, and refinancing student loans can save you loads of money! Become a member with USC Credit Union, and refinance your student loans today! 

Cutting processed foods may be difficult but becoming a member of USC Credit Union is not! Check out our benefits for members here.


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