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Stop saying tomorrow and start saving today with our top tips

Do you find yourself saying – I’ll start saving next month or I don’t have room in my budget to save? Stop putting savings last on your list and make it a priority with our top saving strategies.


Before Your Start Saving

Set Your Saving Goal

The most important step in building your savings is figuring out what your goal is. This will help you stay on track and identify which saving tactic is best. Think about how much you want to save and when you want to save it by.


Pick the Best Savings Account

After you figure out your savings goal, find an account that fits your needs. If you need quick access to cash a regular share savings would be a great fit. If you’re saving for retirement or education, check out an investment savings account.


Evaluate Your Budget

Comb through your budget to find ways to cut back on spending and eliminate unnecessary expenses. Think about all of your subscriptions and miscellaneous monthly spending.


Top Saving Strategies

Automate Your Savings

Set up automatic transfers to keep savings a priority and out of mind, out of sight.


$5 Savings Method

When you use cash to pay for purchases, tuck away every $5 bill you receive in change in a savings account. You could try this with $1 bills or even quarters. Small amounts add up to big savings.


The Envelope System

To keep your spending on track, set a budget amount for categories you overspend on. Place that amount of cash in an envelope. When you shop, you can only use what’s in your envelope.


Try a No-Spend Month

Commit to a 30-day period of spending money only on necessities listed in your budget. This helps you avoid frivolous spending including hitting purchase on Amazon one too many times.


Learn more about building savings and other important financial topics with the help of Financial Focu$, our online learning tool. 

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