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Welcome to a New Year, and new opportunities! What are your plans for 2015? (I’ll avoid the word “resolution” because all too often it’s a synonym for “Starts in January and lasts maybe six weeks.”)

First of all, let's go back to November 2014 when USC Credit Union beat Notre Dame Federal Credit Union in our second annual Credit Union Charity Challenge. In the end, USC Credit Union beat Notre Dame FCU by receiving 75 more auto loan applications, winning $10,000 for USC’s Good Neighbors Campaign. I would like to say congratulations to all our members and extend our gratitude and appreciation for your involvement. I am personally very proud of the hard work and dedication shown by the USC Credit Union family and Trojans nationwide.

Now, if your plans this new year require money, we’re here to help. Just be aware that some opportunities don’t last forever. For example, some experts say home loan rates have reached the bottom and can only head back up. If you’re thinking about buying or refinancing a home, I invite you to learn more about your options and take advantage of our low mortgage rates today!

On a smaller scale, our auto loan rates are still at historic lows, and since we know you could use a break after the holidays, your first payment won’t be due for 90 days.

In fact, we offer loans you may not have known we have, including affordable alternatives to the outrageous costs of payday lenders, and refinance loans for private and federal student loans that can give you less daunting payments.

Remember, we’re also a place to save, and it’s time to start saving for your retirement. (The sooner you start, the more secure it can be.) Please read about our IRAs and promise to start investing to own your future.

Okay, that last part sounds like a resolution. But it’s good advice, and it’s one of the many opportunities presented to you by virtue of your membership in The Trojan Family’s own financial institution.

Best wishes to you and your family for a prosperous 2015!

Gary Perez


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