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USC Credit Union was established over 40 years ago as the University of Southern California’s own financial services institution.  USC Credit Union is not a bank.  We are a not-for-profit financial cooperative serving the USC and Los Angeles communities.  At USC Credit Union, you’re more than a customer. You’re an owner. That means we put your interests first. 


Frequently Asked Questions about USC Credit Union


What address should I list on my USC Credit Union membership application? Your account will be automatically set up with E-statements, however if you decide to receive paper statements please list the address you want your monthly statements, checks and other materials mailed to. This is generally the address you’re residing at while in school. If you don’t have this address yet, please list your current home address.


How soon will I receive my USCCU account number once I join?
When you join online, your account number, membership information and initial deposit receipt will be mailed to you within 7–10 business days. Any Personal Identification Numbers (PINs), debit cards, and checks will be mailed within 7–10 days. Your Home Banking and Telephone Teller passwords will be mailed in 5–7 days.


How soon can I apply for a USCCU loan?
As soon as you become a USCCU member, you can apply for loans immediately.


Can I use ATMs other than USCCU’s?
Yes. Besides our on-campus ATMs, you can use any of over 30,000 CO-OP ATMs including 5,500 in 7-Eleven stores with no surcharge. Use the convenient ATM locator on our Mobile Banking or home page to find the ATMs closest to you.


Can I complete the Membership Application online?
Yes. Visit and click on “Membership,” then choose “Apply Online” You can complete and submit your application from our web site. 


How do I make the opening deposit into the account?
There are three ways:
• Check
• Transfer the opening deposit from your Visa or MasterCard
(Please note this may be treated as a cash advance by your financial institution.)
• Transfer funds electronically either one time only or monthly.
The process you choose depends on whether or not you are a member of USC Credit Union.


How can a parent transfer funds to their student’s account?
The easiest way is to open a Trojan Family Account. It’s a checking account for parents that’s linked to the student’s account. Parents can transfer funds anytime by phone or the Internet. You can also use our Online Funds Transfer service described below.

Here is the information you need when transferring funds to a USCCU account:

USCCU, ABA # 3220-79557
PO Box 512718, Los Angeles, CA 90051-2718
First and Last Name & USCCU account number.
(Please note that you may also need the address of the beneficiary.)


How do I transfer funds to the student account if I am a member of USCCU?

• Sign up for our Home Banking service at and use the Online Funds Transfer
service to transfer funds from your Trojan Family Account or any financial institution to yours or your student’s USC Credit Union account.
• If you don’t want to use the online option, complete the ACH Master Agreement and select one-time or recurring transfer, depending on your needs.


How do I transfer funds to the student account if I am not a member?

• Complete the ACH Master Agreement included in the application to initiate one-time or recurring transfers from your financial institution to your student’s USCCU account.
• If you have Bill Pay with your financial institution you can transfer funds that way. Check to see if your financial institution will set USCCU up as a payee for electronic payment.
• Initiate a wire transfer with your financial institution to send funds to USCCU. (They may charge a fee).


USC Credit Union's Student Welcome Packet can answer all your questions! Keep an eye out for all of our student services and Fight On!


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