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Get access to $18 billion in scholarships all in one easy place

In 2019, student loan debt reached an all-time high at $1.41 trillion – a 6% increase from 2018. With the increasing costs of college, this number is only expected to increase in 2020. How do we fight the odds?

By providing access to 3.5 million scholarship worth more than $18 billion for USCCU members with our NEW Scholarship Search Tool. Get matched with multiple scholarships you’re actually eligible for all in one easy place within minutes.


Step 1: Complete Your Profile

Create your profile by answering questions about yourself including future career goals, interests and athletics. The more questions you answer, the more targeted your qualified scholarship list will be.


Step 2: Click Search

Enjoy instant access to a customized list of scholarships based on your profile. Each scholarship includes the amount, deadline and specific eligibility details. It also includes contact information in case you have any specific questions.


Step 3: Start Earning Money

Once you find the perfect scholarship, click apply and start earning money towards your college education. Remember – apply for as many scholarships as you can to increase your chances. We recommend applying for at least one scholarship a week.




We know that scholarships won’t likely cover your entire cost of college, USC Credit Union also provides Collegiate Choice Student Loans that will help you fund your education without the high-interest rate price tag. Borrow smart and apply for a USCCU Student Loan today!

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