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Planning the Perfect Black Friday


The rookie mistake of most Black Friday shoppers is entering the battlefield without a strategy. Here we provide you the intel so you can get the most bang for your buck.


Start Researching Early

Some stores already have their black Friday ads online. To check out a compilation of Black Friday ads, click here.


Know What to Buy

Not everything will be its cheapest on Black Friday. To maximize your savings, it's important to know what to buy immediately and what's better to wait for. Typically electronics, video games, entertainment, and home appliances are cheaper to buy during Black Friday. Toys and Christmas decorations are cheaper to buy closer to Christmas.


Check Return Policies

Some deals are final or have very restrictive return policies. If you aren't sure you really want the item or if it will fit, avoid these deals. It’s better to spend your money on gifts you know people want rather than on something that doesn’t work out in the end.


Save Receipts

Receipts can be used in the event you need to return or exchange a gift for something cheaper or better, and should be saved to keep track of your credit card expenses. Put these in a safe place instead of leaving them stuffed in your pocket, purse, of wallet.


Prepare Your Rewards Cards

Find where your store loyalty cards have been collecting dust and put them in your wallet. This can save you some money or earn you points. If you do not have a rewards card, apply for one through the store.


If you don't have a rewards card (or are paying a high-rate on store cards), consider applying for a USC Credit Union Platinum Rewards MasterCard! For every $1 spent you earn a point towards an exciting rewards selection. Learn more here.

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