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8 Signs of Commencing Adulthood: A Quarter-Life Crisis

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Let's face it, growing up is hard. Who ever thought being an adult brought so many changes so fast. But it isn't all bad right? Like most transitions, there are things to look forward to in adulthood. Here are 8 signs that indicate you're in the middle of a quarter-life crisis.

  1. When Friday nights on your calendar are booked as "Netflix".

    Late night partying is a thing of the past. The only “parties” you’re familiar with now are the political parties in “House of Cards”. (Bonus points if you actually own and update a calendar).

  2. You sip your cocktails, instead of chugging them.

    Cocktails are expensive, and you work hard for your money! So yes, you are going to sip that drink and enjoy Every. Last. Drop.

  3. A “weekend getaway” no longer means crashing on your buddy’s couch.

    Say goodbye to awkward sleeping positions. Though your friend’s couch may be exotic and exciting by some standards, your discoveries there are not as pleasant. No more cheese dust and loose change, you have more exciting adventures waiting!

  4. You’re actually taking advantage of the things that you’d never have thought you’d consider using. Paperless billing, online banking — *gasps* — AUTO-PAY.

    Becoming a fiscally responsible adult is one step closer to becoming your parents (*shudders*). You are one pair of Bermuda shorts away from completing the transformation. But that's not too bad. Bermuda shorts are rather comfortable.

  5. Ikea has become your Disneyland.

    Sorry inner child, but Ikea has shorter lines and you can end up with something cool—like a futon or maybe a coffee table! Building them, in itself, is an attraction.

5.5. You just said furniture was cool…

Enough said.

  1. You’re finally interested in your interest rate.

    Money is important. That’s how you pay for your Netflix subscription. That's why you now know what “APR” means. 

  2. You’ve actually used the phrase, “Kids these days…” and it felt very natural.

College freshmen look increasingly younger. You begin to wonder who let these adolescents into college, but you secretly miss your own young and carefree days. (“When I was your age…” is also becoming prevalent in your vocabulary).

  1. You’re ready to to look into student loan refinancing and save $$$.

Though you’re not in as much of a budget crunch as your “good ol’ ramen days,” having extra money is always a good feeling. 


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